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Monday, July 28, 2014

LOTD#47 Pink Fuel for new residents and Elikatira's sale

Hi girls! 
Here go two tips about cheap things on Second Life.

First one is the new Pink Fuel Skin called Renee. This is skin is so gorgeous and it's free for residents under 30 days old. For those who aren't a newbie on SL anymore the skin is only L$150 and comes with a wonderful shape!
So here's the pictures:
 Skin: Pink Fuel - Renee Peach

For last but not least Elikatira is on sale to celebrate her 9th rezday. The regular packs are only L$99 and ends on August 22.
 Elikatira's hair are always gorgeous!

Hope you've enjoyed those tips. Stay tuned on blog. This week we'll have nice frees and a new event will start with great posts!
Have a great week everyone!!

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