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Friday, July 11, 2014

LOTD#21 New Sponsor: Pixzles

Hi ppl :) 
Today I'll introduce you a new store on SL and the new sponsor of My SL Free World: Pixzles
Pixzles is a new store with cheap and so cute clothes.
Check it out:

Corset: Pixzles - Tinsy.Winsey - Hearts Corset - FREE 
Skirt: Pixzles - High Waist Skirt - pink high waisted skirt - (L$ 30)

Dress: Pixzles - Secretary Dress - Pink Flowers Secretary Dress (L$ 50)

Sweater: Pixzles - Fitted Mesh Blah Blah Blah sweater (L$25)
Leggings: Pixzles - Triangles leggings - (L$50)

Check out the In World Store to see more cheap and beautiful things: Pixzles (under construction)
You can also check the Marketplace Store: Pixzles Marketplace
And Like the Official Facebook to stay tune on her new clothes: Pixzles on Facebook

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